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A Hotel Of Your Very Own

For those who want to take a Parisian getaway to the next level, we invite you to reserve our entire hotel for your friends and family. Yes, that is right —THE. ENTIRE. HOTEL.

It will be like having your own large home in Paris – much more than a pied-a-terre — with a selection of stunning rooms and suites (some with Eiffel Tower views!) plus our public areas to relax and indulge in our many pursuits of pure pleasure.

So you can wander the halls in your pajamas if you so choose — and if you reserve The Grand Café Fauchon as well — you are welcome to come down to breakfast in your robe and slippers! Or strum a guitar and blast the speakers with your favorite vinyl records in the Gibson Suite and have a dance party in the tea garden! We don’t mind!

Our staff will be on hand exclusively for you…ready to pour your favorite French wine, put out a fresh plate of macarons, or deliver our Chef Service meals anywhere you prefer them.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that may never be available again…

  • The cost to reserve the entire hotel is from € 25 000 (per night).
  • The cost to reserve the entire hotel as well as The Grand Café Fauchon for your exclusive us is from € 35,000 (per night).
  • The minimum length of stay is 3 days.