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riso pasta with truffle

Our chef reveals his gourmet recipe

Recipe ingredients

  • Riso Pasta or bird beak : 80 gr
  • Fresh butter: 60 gr
  • White onions: 40 gr
  • White wine: 30 gr
  • Fine salt : 12 gr
  • White pepper : 5 grams
  • Vegetable broth : 1 liter
  • Thai scallion : 1 sachet
  • Mascarpone : 30 grams
  • Vegetable milk (soy milk or almond milk) : ¼ liter
  • Black Melanosporum truffle : 6 grams (shavings)
  • Mature Comté 14 months of ripening : 6 grams
  • Salt flower : 2 grams
  • Chervil, small chard shoots : 3 grams
  • FAUCHON olive oil : 2 grams

Preparation time : 35 minutes


Cooking riso

  • Chop the white onions, sweat them in butter (30 grams) without coloring, add the riso and pearl like a pilaf rice, season with fine salt and pepper and add the hot vegetable broth (½ liter), gradually as cooking a risotto. (cooking 11 mins)


  • Once cooked, spread the riso in a plate and shell it with a fork to cool it, this avoids sticking the dough between them.
  • Prepare the cebette, chop the white and the green of the cebette (keep cool)


  • Prepare the truffle: peel and keep the trimmings / finely chop them
  • Pass the prepared truffle through the mandolin and make 5 regular shavings, keep them all cool

Vegetable scum

  • Reduce to half the ½ l of vegetable broth, add the vegetable milk of your choice, 30 gr of butter, bring to the boil for 3 minutes, adjust the seasoning and use a blender to mix all to obtain a beautiful scum

Mature county 14 months


  • Cut county slices not too thick and cut triangles



  • Heat a little chicken broth, add the cooked riso, relax it (if necessary with more broth) add the chopped cebette, chopped truffle, adjust the seasoning, and off the heat the Mascarpone.
  • The riso must be smooth.
  • Place it in a deep plate, place the truffle and mature Comté shavings in the center, and the watercress hearts seasoned with olive oil.
  • Emulsify the vegetable foam and place it on the Riso.
  • Finish with salt flower and ripe olive oil on the truffle shavings.