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The Restaurant

Discover Le Grand Café Fauchon


We are renowned for our luxurious produce and constant innovation. Fauchon brings the same dedication to its restaurants as to all of our operations with an identical goal in mind – your pleasure. The Grand Café Fauchon is geared to providing you the freedom to indulge yourself at any time of day or night, whether it is a snack, a cocktail or a multi-course meal. It is second nature for our staff to surprise and indulge you.


Fauchon has been a byword in gourmet circles for the very best produce, products and patisserie since it was founded by Auguste Fauchon in Paris in 1886. Still at the same site on the Place de la Madeleine, the stature of Fauchon derives from its passion for classic tradition with a contemporary twist. More than 300 luxury dishes are created here annually. We are also world famous for our innovation and creativity in pastries, chocolates and teas so it is only logical that we should open a ground-breaking hotel and restaurant also on the Place de la Madeleine. Fauchon strives to offer the best of category, whether it is coffee beans from Ethiopia, a box of the finest chocolates or a caramel éclair from our own kitchens.


Our chefs have excelled in creating hundreds of new creations annually with the trinity of great produce, freshness and seasonality. Their mind set is that a dish is never finished and can always change and improve according to availability and seasonality. You might explore the Chef’s signature dishes of scallops with strawberries or mango and shrimp or foie gras cooked in Champagne. Or settle for the more straightforward grilled lobster and beef carpaccio from Limousin. Our pastry chefs are renowned throughout France and the world for their creative flair, whether it is our Bisou-Bisou, Chocolate Éclairs or special pastries.


Like the prow of an elegant liner, the terrace of the Grand Café Fauchon extends along the Place de la Madeleine offering spaciousness and intimacy in equal amounts. An integral part of the Grand Café, but with an entirely different feel to the restaurant inside, which also includes an exquisite private dining room for 12. A more intimate setting is Le Jardin des Thés located in the heart of the hotel, which serves lunch, afternoon tea and our version of Happy Hour – Glam Hour. The perfect place to indulge in nostalgia with a Madeleine – after all Proust spent most of his life just a few minutes away. We will surprise and excite you with a single destination offering the finest gourmet cuisine and produce from the start of the day until after midnight.