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Pépinettes pasta from Savoy with morels and green asparagus

The Chef reveals his spring recipe in collaboration with Constance "onpartagetout" style!

recipe ingredients

  • Pépinettes pasta from Savoy : 50 gr
  • Grap seed oil : 5 gr
  • White onions : 10 gr
  • Fresh butter : 35gr
  • White wine : 30 gr
  • Fine salt : 12 gr
  • White pepper : 5 gr
  • Vegetable broth : 70cl
  • Thai scallion : 15 gr
  • Isigny fresh cream : 40 gr
  • Vegetable milk (soy milk or almond milk) : ¼ litre
  • Green asparagus : 150 gr
  • Shallot : 15 gr
  • Garlic : 3gr
  • Morels : 60 gr
  • Wild garlic : 50gr
  • Salt flower : 2 gr
  • Chervil, small chard shoots : 3gr
  • FAUCHON olive oil : 2 gr

Preparation time : 35 minutes


cooking riso

  • Chop the white onions and sweat them in oil without colouring.
  • Add the riso and cook like a rice pilaf, season with fine salt and pepper.
  • Add the hot vegetable stock (35cl) and cook for 11 minutes.
  • Once cooked, spread the riso on a plate and flake it with a fork to cool it down, this avoids that the pasta grains stick together.
  • Prepare the cebette, chop the white and the green of the cebette (put it in the fridge).


green asparagus

  • Break off the wood of the green asparagus and remove the skin.
  • Blanch the asparagus in a large volume of boiling salted water, cool and dice the stalks, reserving the heads.



  • Wash the morels 2 to 3 times in warm water.
  • Blanch them in boiling salted water for 2 minutes, then cool.


vegetable scum

  • Reduce the 35 cl of vegetable broth to half.
  • Add the vegetable milk of your choice, 30 g of butter.
  • Infuse the wild garlic for 15 minutes in a blender, then strain through a sieve.
  • Bring to the boil for 3 minutes, adjust the seasoning and use a blender to mix all to obtain a beautiful scum.


finishng riso

  • Heat a little chicken broth, add the cooked pepinettes pasta, relax it (if necessary with more broth).
  • Add the chopped cebette, the brunoise of asparagus tail, adjust the seasoning. Add the mascarpone cheese off the heat.
  • The riso should be smooth.
  • Brown the morels with butter (5gr), add the chopped shallot, the chopped garlic, the fresh cream and finish with the chopped parsley.
  • Place it in a deep plate, add the scum on top and then arrange the morels and the asparagus heads harmoniously.
  • Finish with the fresh herbs.