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White asparagus

Sébastien Monceaux reveals his gourmet recipe

Recipe ingredients

  • White asparagus, size + 16 or + 22 : 6 pieces
  • Coarse salt : 40 gr
  • Water : 2 liters
  • Fresh organic eggs: 2 units
  • White vinegar: 6 gr
  • Pickles: 4 units
  • Lilliput capers or normal capers: 10 gr
  • Chervil: ½ boot
  • Sherry vinegar: 10 gr
  • Olive oil : 100 gr
  • Grated parmesan cheese : 200 gr
  • Grapeseed oil: 300 gr
  • Organic soft-boiled eggs: 2 units
  • Mustard: 20 gr
  • Bianco vinegar: 12 gr
  • Fine salt: 6 gr
  • Pepper: 3 gr
  • Capers with tails (cut in half): 3 units
  • Salt flower: 2 gr
  • Crushed pepper grains
  • Seasonal salad sprouts (dandelion, purslane, riquette) : 100 gr

Preparation time : 40 min

cook white asparagus

  • Peel the white asparagus from top to bottom.
  • Break the bottom of the asparagus to break "the fibers", put them to soak in a bowl of fresh water.
  • Boil the 2 liters of water and 40 g of coarse salt.
  • Immerse the white asparagus and bring to the boil "3 min", cover with a lid or plate, remove from the heat.
  • Let cook and once all the asparagus at the bottom of the container, rid them in ice water.
  • Once well refreshed, place on a cloth to drain.
  • Choose the dressing plate and cut the excess from the bottom of the asparagus.
  • Keep the top of the asparagus with the tip.
  •  Trim the tail bevel and put it in a bowl. 

Ravigote sauce

  • Cook the 2 organic eggs in boiled eggs vinegar water (11 min. Of cooking) after first boiling.
  • Cool in ice water to stop cooking.
  • Peel the eggs, separate the egg whites and yolks.
  • Cut into small cubes the egg white into a bowl.
  • Pass through a sieve the yolk, set aside in another bowl
  • Cut the pickles into small cubes, set aside in the bowl with the egg white.
  • Drain the capers, add them to the bowl of the egg white and pickle.
  • Clean the chervil, wring it out, take only sprigs of chervil and chisel it (keep 5 sprigs for finishing).
  • Add it to the other ingredients, finish the ravigote with olive oil, sherry, salt and pepper .

Parmesan tile

  • Once the parmesan has passed through the micro-plane, place it in a Tefal pan warmed by the induction or gas hob or on a silpat, in the oven at 180 ° for 7 minutes.
  • The tile should be fine and blonde after cooking, break it into large pieces and set aside on paper towel.

Cold emulsion

  • Cook the 2 organic eggs in vinegar water for 5 and a half minutes, boiling. Cool them well and flake them.
  • In a blender or thermomix tank, place the soft-boiled eggs, mustard, bianco vinegar, salt and pepper in the bottom, mix everything gently, and add the grape seed oil in a drizzle to obtain a relaxed mayonnaise. If it's too thick, put a drizzle of water, adjust the salt and pepper seasoning if necessary, put in a bag or pipette. 

Finishing elements

  • Tailed capers cut in half.
  • Purslane leaves or "roquette" salad.
  • Sprigs of chervil (5 sprigs).
  • Salt flower.
  • Cracked black pepper. 


  • At the bottom of the flat plate, place the egg yolk passed through a sieve over the entire central surface
  • Harmoniously place the not too liquid ravigote sauce on the bottom of the plate with the help of a 10 cm cookie cutter
  • Warm the 5 asparagus and the bevels with olive oil and salt flower in the microwave for 20 sec. Place them and crisscross them to give volume to the dish
  • Dress the salad or sprouts with olive oil, fine salt, as well as the chervil sprigs, have fun inserting them between the asparagus, place the pieces of parmesan tiles
  • Finish with several cold emulsion points and tails